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Drill into quartz or granite to secure dishwasher tabs?

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Don't have enough space for a board so want to drill into bottom of top w/1/4 diamond hole saw and secure w/tapcons or similar. Should be fine, right?
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I didn't do it and woudnt try it and I'll try drilling holes into anything. It could be done and work but if it cracks that's a very pricey mistake. My dishwasher mounts the counter to not the cabinets. I epoxied 2 pieces of 1/4" plywood to the counter and put the screws in there. One stone fabricator awhile ago made notches and put the plywood into the counter but I guess nobody has time to do things like that anymore.
I wouldn't, unless you're prepared to buy a new top-- if it cracks.

Can you lower the feet? enough to epoxy a thin piece of ply to it?

Otherwise I would figure something else out.

Edit: as ^125 says..(beat me by 1 min. :)
+1 Don't drill and screw directly into either material.

When a stone countertop is not bonded to a template of plywood or MDF; a smart countertop installer would install the dishwasher mounting strip or bracket across the cabinets before placing the top?

Regardless, Can buy two types of brackets to solve the issue after counter top is installed.
- One is 'EZ dishwasher bracket' that mounts to cabinets on both sides.
- Other is a special permanent adhesive mounting strip that bonds to stone surface.

The adhesive mounting strips only lasted me about 5 years. The cabinet bracket was a permanent solution. Just be sure to use lacquer thinner to clean contamination from the stone/bracket, and use RTV under the bracket to reinforce the mounting strip from shock loads; as detailed in installation instructions.

Most big box stores keep the cabinet mounting brackets in stock, sold under many different brands. Whirlpool even private labels a similar looking stamped steel mounting bracket; sold by appliance stores.

Best Luck.
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When I had my quartz kitchen countertop done back in Md, they did drill. I think they used plastic wall anchors.
You want something compliant. I am sure a tap-con would break it.

I like that bracket much better.
Thanks. Not drilling.
I used spray foam to secure mine, I got the stuff that wont warp windows and doors and filled the void. Its been solid for over 10 years. I used a extension tube to get all the way to the back and did it in 2 inch passes to make sure it would dry.
The Miele I installed a few months back has mounting holes for screwing into the cabinets on each side. No need to drill into the quartz countertop.
Yes through sides, you may not notice but there usually are holes and or plugs to screw into sides
The newer ones have places to attach from the sides. Mine is a little older and it doesn't have a place for the side mount.
If you ever see how granite is cut it usually isn't. they drill holes in a line (like your dishwasher mounts) and tap spreaders in (like screw anchors) and the force causes the stone to fracture.
No plugs but holes. Holes are same diameter inside dw as outside. So I'd have to use a screw and washer and leave exposed or predrill and set screw halfway between in and out. I took Capt Klutz advice and bought an aftermarket bracket. I'll install tomorrow. It's not my house. I built cabinets, not kitchen, for them and they have alot of stupid stuff going on in their $1M urban hipster pad. Builder used 3/4 hollow aluminum balusters for deck. The kind you have to pre-install and sandwich between top and bottom rails. They didn;t do it going up the steps. Cut them short so barely fit. Now they're falling out.

I have drilled into granite before using a 1/4" diamond hole saw for a commercial job so they could secure a brochure rack.
I had to install a dishwasher years ago under a quarts counter. Found a strip about an 1-1/2" wide and 26" long. (I called it a cheese grater, locked like one) the tabs mounted to the cabinet sides, and you could screw into the grated plate to mount the dishwasher tabs. Hope this helps.
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