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drill bit is catching wood and spinning handwheel

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I am trying to drill a simple hole w/my Jet 1221 lathe that I have actually done a few times before (which makes this all the more infuriating). I am using a 1.5" forstner bit at low RPMs. When I turn the handwheel and slowly engage the drill bit with the wood, the bit immediately catches the wood which then spins the chuck which spins the live center shaft which spins the handwheel. I have tried different types of drill bits and different speeds, always the same result. I must be missing something obvious but I am stumped. thanks
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Please post a picture of your set-up. Thanks. Also make sure that your tailstock is extended out far enough before you start so that your shaft on your chuck isn't bottoming out. I have a Delta and my tailstock need to be extended on almost an inch or the morse taper on my drill chuck bottoms out.
The tailstock should have a simple Morse Taper #2 to receive the chuck you are using for the drill bit.
photo below. Yup, I have tried w/ the tailstock extended at different lengths.

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Sounds like you have a sheared key on your spindle.
The key is there to prevent what you are describing.

Look at the pic , theres a groove on the spindle. A pin, key or some other part rides in the groove and keeps it from spinning.
Richard Lee, sorry I am confused. The spindle is in the headstock, but I only have the faceplate screwed into the spindle and it is on firmly. The issue is in the tailstock.
Look at pic I sent it is the spindle in the tailstock, it needs retaining so it wont spin.
Take it out of your tailstock and have a look.
Can you rotate the tailstock quill by hand? There is a key that keeps the quill from spinning in there somewhere. Try ejecting the quill completely and looking to see what is going on inside. The quill should not spin under any circumstance.

The "live center shaft" you're referring to is the tailstock spindle or quill..
You should be able to turn the handwheel till the spindle comes out of the tailstock and look inside the bore there will be a Key or a hole where something comes thru the casting that goes into the groove.

Its actually called a Quill, spindles turn quills do not.
Ok, I think you all nailed it. I ejected the quill (now that I am using the right terminology) and the quill looks fine. The main piece inside the tailstock bore that locks into the quill is the "lead screw" which is I guess what has the key you are talking about. If I could get the lead screw out, I would prob see the damage, but the darn thing seems to be locked in there somehow. I have called JET tech support but so far they have not called me back.
Remove the set screw part 24 from handwheel, it should come off.
Got it! The tech support guy found the issue. So dumb. I didnt have this little knob screwed in enough to go in the groove in the quill! Now it drills perfectly again. Welp, I feel like a moron. At least nothing is broken. Thank you all so much as always.

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It's always best when something turns out to be an easy fix!
Keep on turnin'!!
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