Dremel - Multi-Max (Rating: 5)

My wife bought me this as a thank you for putting some French doors in for her. I've only used it a couple times and both times my jaw dropped.

First use:
I was installing a fan in a gas fireplace and the electric was never run for it when they built the house. The location where the power was needed was impossible to get to. My options were to remove the fireplace, run the power, and reinstall the fireplace. YUCK Or cross my fingers and try some magic. I go into the basement and after taking several measurements I determine that I need to cut an opening up through the basement ceiling at a spot where I have to stand on a step ladder and reach out over the edge of the foundation wall into a small cavity and cut up through about an inch and a half of wood. The Multi-Max lets you put the blade on in any direction so I was able to turn it 90 degrees to the handle. Its the only cutting tool on earth that could have done this job and it DID do it. It cut through like butter and I slipped the power through right where I needed it.

Second use:
I almost forgot about the Multi-Max and its sanding attachment. I can't believe all the hand sanding I've done when I could have used the Multi-Max. I pulled it out last night and I was shocked how fast it removed material with the 150 grit pad. Tough sanding in tight spots where you can't really get much hand movement will never be tough again.

I am very satisfied with this thing. I can't speak to its longevity yet as I haven't worked very hard to this point. I can say when I have needed it (or at least remembered I have it) this thing has made easy quick work of its job which its why its never works hard. Just whip it out and done. Now I see how the other brand got away with charging a million dollars for these. If I had known how awesome they were I would have spent the money. Thanks to Dremel I don't have to.