DeWalt - DWHT20215 Single Edge Pull Saw (Rating: 3)

Let me start by saying this is my first venture into the world of anything other than a "construction" grade handsaw. My thoughts and opinions here are based on a whopping 10 minutes of experience.

I was looking at this saw as an inexpensive alternative to a traditional dozuki style saw as I build my tool set. At less than 1/4 the cost of a Z-saw, I didn't have much to lose. Anyway, the thing is a bit of a monster at just over 21" in length, with the cutting portion of the blade coming in at 9-3/4". The blade is 0.025" at the spine and 0.035" at the teeth. That extra thickness (twice the Z-saw's) eliminates the need for a spine, allowing the blade to flex. The blade also has only 14 teeth per inch, compared to the Z-saw's 26. The result is a saw that is probably better at trimming a door molding than cutting dovetails. When I tested the saw an a piece of hardwood in the shop, it was clear that the cut would have to be cleaned up with a chisel before final assembly. Although this could be a matter of technique and have nothing to do with the saw.

That said, I probably will end up cutting some dovetails and tenons with this saw, but I won't be surprised if I upgrade in the future.

Note: I also purchase a generic (Husky) backsaw at the same time as this saw, and experienced very similar results. That review is posted separately.