Joint-Genie - Wood Jointing Jig System (Rating: 5)

Recently while planning a project of a cherry desk with Queen Anne legs I was having a difficult time deciding how to attach the skirt boards to the pillars of the legs. The options were to use mortise and tenons, biscuits, or dowels. Each of which created their own set of problems.

Using biscuits I felt that there would be lack of strength and alignment difficulties, mortise and tenon would be difficult as a jig would have to be created to hold the pillars while mortising as well as not having a mortising machine, so using dowels was the chosen method. Searching the internet for doweling jigs I found many listed with costs ranging from really inexpensive to the ridiculously expensive and many were made in China.

I have looked at DowelMax, Veritas and others but with those tools extra accessories had to be purchased separately to do the work I wished to complete.

I then came across a listing for Joint-Genie® and from research the tool has been available for a while but only marketed in the USA using the company's web site based in England. They offer several different kit combinations both in metric and imperial.

One of the problems I had was, "how to accurately obtain the skirt board set back, reveal, on the leg pillar?" After watching the videos on their web site it was quickly seen that the ease of adjustment using the face spacer tabs allowing centering the holes to a specified set back and the positioning along the length of the pillar could be done by this tool very fast and with repeatable results.

I ordered the Joint-Genie® Craftsman Kit in the 3/8" size. The tool was received in five days and came in its own case including the drill bit and brass depth stop collar; all of true quality made from case hardened steel with stainless steel adjustment fittings.

Not only did I use it for the skirt board attachment with painless effort or measured layout, I also used it in the glue up of the desk top and desk case sides with equally little effort. When I sanded the top and sides I found that because of the accuracy of dowel hole placement, minimal sanding was needed on the glue lines.

For those interested go to their web site, ,
and watch the video.

Out of the box Joint-Genie has simplicity of use, accuracy, speed and greater versatility, in other words dollar-for-dollar it does more for less and is made extremely well.