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First off, thanks for a fantastic forum! It's quickly becoming my go-to source for all things woodworking.

I'm currently working on building an outdoor chaise lounge out of dimensional cedar. It will be roughly 60" wide x 90" long. The side supports are 4×6, a 4×4 for the legs, and the slats will be 5/4 cedar decking.

My plan is to attach a cedar 2×4 to the inside of each side support and then rest the slats on top of the 2×4 for mounting. The slats would run from side to side. Given the 60" length, will 5/4 decking be strong enough to support 2 adults +/- a kid or 2. Would I need to plan on another 2×4 going up the middle as well for reinforcement?

This is what the honey-do project is based off of:

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