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Door construction for display case

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I'm planning a wall mounted display case for tools (nothing super heavy) that opens up like a dart board cabinet-the goal is an office or living room quality display, not workshop (not mine, anyway). In the neighborhood of 16" x 24", walnut sides, cherry door fronts. I'm thinking 1/2" BB ply for the back, covered in felt, will provide plenty of support for the case and tools, but I'm not sure on the best way to build the doors.

I'm not sure I've seen cherry ply in anything other than 1/4", which would be a bit light for hanging tools, and 3/4", which I'm afraid would be awful heavy for doors. I could apply a cherry veneer to 1/2" BB, but I've never worked with veneer before, and the longevity of amateur veneering scares me. I could do solid cherry, but I figure the plywood option will keep the doors more stable. Complicating things is a large logo, also in walnut, split between the doors.

I'd love to see the logo inlaid into the doors, but I don't see much chance of that, never having done such a thing. The logo has lots of curves to it, but it's not intricate. I'm thinking of applying a 1/8" or so cutout to the doors, possibly bringing the walnut edging 1/8" proud as well to balance it.

Suggestions on material for the door panel? Or an attractive way to apply a mono-wood (new word!) logo that doesn't require marquetry skills? Or an attractive way to hang tools on plywood that allows them to be removed for show-and-tell?
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I can get cherry plywood in 1/2" but I guess you don't have access to commercial suppliers. You can also glue 1/4" cherry back to back to get something that's about 3/8" thick.
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