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Donations to those impacted by NM fires

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You may have heard that there are some big fires going in New Mexico. Lots of people impacted, and high winds for the next four days that are liable to spread the fires farther.

If you'd like to donate to those put out by the Hermit's Peak Fire (the one closest to us, but downwind, so we're relatively safe), there's a list of charities vetted by New Mexico Highlands University (located in Las Vegas, NM) or you can give via All Together NM which goes to everyone needing help in the state, not just those from the Hermit's Peak Fire.

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Good to hear you're not in immediate danger Dave. So many out that way are impacted every day.
Stay safe my friend.
I'm a "bit" miffed that this was basically started by a prescribed burn. I'm all for those but anyone who has lived here knows that springs are always bone dry and windy for most of the season. A number of years back they did the same thing in the NF just west of here, oops!
Thanks, Dave. I think we're in a pretty good location. Fingers crossed!

Yeah Splint. But that did allow Governor Michelle to tell Biden, "Look, the USFS started this whole mess. Where's our federal money?"
it should be called citizens money, not fed money, jmo
Rj in az
Yes, it's the citizens' money. And helping the citizens harmed by this complex fire is a v good use of the citizens' money.

Thanks, Dave for trying to get the word out.
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