Commercial Electric - LED Shop Light 4000 lumen (Rating: 3)

Shop lighting is on my to-do list this year. I found this light had a good review on LJ so I bought one at HD for $55 yesterday. It says it produces 4000 lumens at 4000K light temp. I can't verify the light intensity but in my garage shop with the other lights off and the door closed, this is what it looked like. The picture is just slightly darker than reality but not much, this is pretty accurate.

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I know everything would be brighter if I went ahead with more of these for the rest of the shop, but I know that a dual T8 fluorescent light would do so much more, and at less than half the cost. I'm also not crazy about the light color. I looked it up on a chart and what I've read says that 5000-6000k is best for woodworking, although it's ultimately up to the individual and how they see the color. For me, I think I need something whiter and brighter. I'm going to take this one back and go with the T8 fixtures.