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Does list of projects with board feet exist?

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Does anyone know of a source/list of different types of plans for projects w/ boardfoot listings? This would be great for budget concious woodworkers.

Such as:
Glider A 100 bdft
Glider B 90 bdft
Glider C 110 bdft

get the idea?
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Not sure if I follow what you are asking, but most plans come with some form of cut list. A few will list an approximate board foot usage. It's not really an exact science. You always should have extra lumber on hand because you will have waste, cutting around knots or cracks, you may make mistakes and need another piece, etc. I like to use: Fine Woodworking, Wood Magazine, The Woodsmith Shop, The Wood Whisperer, and Woodworking for Mere Mortals.
I know Woodsmith puts out cutlists typically. They also have general board sizing and show how you can cut out parts out of them, but that is less useful than the overall dimensions/bdft calculation.

For instance, look at this set of plans on page 3 and you will find them.
Wood magazine also includes a cutlist, but for hardwood lumber they really aren't that useful (they can be handy for sheet goods). The problem with a cutlist for a hardwood board is that YOUR board may have a knot in a different place than the cutlist planned, meaning you may have to come up with a completely different pattern that may increase the board feet needed. Or, you may have bought #1 common lumber, and the cut pattern assumed select grade….anything like that is going to make the lumber needs different.
Thanks, for the replies lumberjocks-

I understand that there's going to be some waste in working with a cut list. But, what I'm really looking for is a way to gauge the relative cost of one project vs another.

Say I'm interested in making a glider, assuming the waste is approximately linear in regard to the used bdft I can say,

"well this is a 'try it for the first time' project and according to the list this glider should cost 20% less and I like the way it looks so I'll build that one".
Unfortunately I don't believe that is something that is typically advertised on individual plans before you buy them/the magazine/book.

I would agree that it would be a nice thing to see. I do know that Wood magazine also puts out an approximate cost to build, but that obviously increases as time goes forward.

The most cost effective solution might be to do something like buying a DVD of every issue of magazines. I believe woodsmith's is like $99? Fine woodworking also has an online monthly subscription that gets you access to plans/articles.

You can also check your local library (mine here is awesome and has a ton of stuff), and check craigslist/classifieds to buy used hardcopies. I know I've given away a bunch of hard copies of magazines now that I've gone digital.
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savan-Sounds like Bryan Nelson, the editor of WoodSmith magazine.
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