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does anybody have a sliding miter saw thats accurate

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does anybody have a sliding miter saw from a company that make makes very accurate cuts.
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I have a Dewalt and it cuts spot on every time. Just take the time to set it up. I had to loosen the gauge, and re do it all a few times. But it is spot on now.
I while ago Fine Woodworking Magazine picked the Bosch's CM12 as the best for furniture makers.
Now, it is not sliding… The best is probably again the big Bosch GCM12SD is your best bet….
These guys claim to be the most accurate ,also the most expensive .
I have a 12" Dewalt, and it's always been accurate from day 1. Been 4 years now, and it's been abused all that time. Never dropped, but cut stuff maybe I shouldn't have….......... Jerry (in Tucson)
I have had the Festool Kapex that A1Jim mentioned for several years and although it was expensive (the sting of the initial purchase has long been healed) I feel it was worth every penny and I am extremely impressed with its accuracy and quality.
If you want supper accuracy, first get away from a slider. To many moving parts.

Go to something like Omega.
The OMGA makes the festool look like a bargain and if you want it to be portable you'll have to trade your 1/2 ton truck for a 3/4 ton just to be able to haul it around!
I have a permanently installed 10" Delta slider that is always accurate. I recheck it every month or 2. I have another 10" Delta mounted on a folding sawhorse to use for on site use.
All the brand name sliders are probably accurate enough
for cabinetmaking and trim carpentry… DeWalt, Makita,
Bosch. There's a race to the bottom going on though
like with Hitachi's new 8.5" sliding saw being an inferior
replacement for the 8.5" saw it is supposedly an
update of. All these companies have to build to
fit price points. Only Festool seems to be sparing
no expense. You might look into Mafell and Metabo.

I had a DeWalt 8.5" slider and found it very accurate.
DW712… they don't sell it anymore for some reason.
It's a nice tool.
I have a 12" Hitachi slider that has been dead-on since the day I got it. I recheck it before each use and have never had to do any tweaks.
I use the DeWalt DW712 (8.5" slider) at very accurate. I do a lot of 60/30 rail and stile joints because of this saw.
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I had a problem with my miters on the DeWalt, but solved it with a better blade.. A lot of he new saws come with construction grade blades. You might look into getting a better blade. As well you may need to tune her up a bit. Damn things travel all the way from China, so give the poor saws a break.
I believe all mitre saws can be made accurate. I have been using a 10" Lowe's/Kobalt slider for years. I ripped a sacrificial strip of maple for an insert in the bed of the saw, removed any and all extraneous "features" bolted it to a homemade bench of MDF, 2X2 with 6X28 inch rif sawn oak boxes on either end to match the height of the saw bed. The box risers are 3 1/2 high, the back riser is 5 1/2 so now I can lay in any stock length and cut to size.

I do check blade square in both directions and always get square cuts with a 60 tooth finish blade. No fussing, I use a 6" Swanson construction grade stair triangle (also available @ Lowe's 6 bucks). Truth be known, there is no blade guard to get in the way of the square; dangerous but there is also no one in this shop but me and I am acutely aware of all risks. Additionally no stock gets crosscut until AFTER it has been dressed minimum two sides even 2X gets planned/jointed; I build primarily in hard maple, walnut , qtr-sawn oak and alder any 2X would be utility stock.

Miters on a Slider: Again the construction grade Swanson does the trick every time. I verify with a scrap cut. A combination of the Wixey Digital and bevel gauge can also be used to dial in a perfect 45^.
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After replacing original blade without even trying it, and fine tuning all functions, my 10" slider cuts perfect angles every time. Does not matter if I am framing a deck or a picture, my Harbor Freight is dead on accurate. $79 (second one due to my Son confiscating the first)
I bought a DeWalt 12" slider in 2000 and still use/abuse it most every day. (My first shop tool) I checked it recently and it is still accurate.
Now I want to make a shallow cut with this
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