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Does any one know where I dan get one of these?

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Rectangle Gas Wood Electronic instrument Font

I traded for this one several years ago and would like to get a couple more. Does anyone know who makes this brand and model and who sells them. thank you in advance. Rand


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Good luck not a clue here….....................................Schloemoe
This was as close as I could find, this morning…$26.89 with free shipping

The downside, it's in Singapore, so shipping may take a while. Good luck.
Well, if Stanley owns the rights there should be something here. I want a couple of new ones but, Man! I didn't want to buy the factory. lol They are proud of that sucker.
Thanks A10GAC.
No problem, the auction lists the build date as 1980…I wonder if they're still in production? Good luck with your search.
I sent an email to Stanley. Hopefully they will have some good news.
good luck with the hunt Rand
hope you have succes with it

I don't think I have seen one of those… Does it show you the measurement in a little window or something?
What makes it So Good?

Hope you find'em…
Joe, It has many features that other tape measures do not have. ie: Laying out circles and arcs, double read tape. reads like any regular tape, but when you measure to a corner it has a read out on top (which my picture does not show.) and though I don't use the level all that much, the squared sides are great for setting up a jointer fence, or double checking a saw fence for squareness to the blade and also the same for the router table.
I've used this one for twenty plus years and really wanted a back up or two in case this one is lost or broken.
In short it is a comfortable old friend. Rand
Sounds like a really COOL TOOL… thank you… Let us know if you find'em OK?

Thank you…
For $25 you can get a nifty Festool tape (metric and Imperial). Glue a $2 bubble level on the side, and you've saved shipping costs. ;-)
Ralph, for woodworking these are the two favorite features I use the most:

Rectangle Office ruler Ruler Wood Gas

As you can see, it is getting hard to see thru the lens.

Hand Peripheral Computer keyboard Light Input device
This doesn't show the hardened metal sides very well, but this is one square that does not move.


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Found it here, how is your Italian. $14.40
Don't know how much shiping would be though.
Italian? Man I barely speak American. How many lire to the dollar?
not a clue

but i do have your 12' tape

just clipped it on my pocket
like i always do

i'll send it back
with the phone
David! Don't waste the postage. Keep the tape and think of us every time you use it for as long as it lasts. Home Depot has thousands of 'em.

As for the French tape, Stanley stopped making it 15 years ago, so I just gotta take good care of this one.

We're glad you beat the storm home. But we sure do miss you already. And Rhodie has no one to nip at their heels. lol When Rhodie and Dex sit for their cookies, there is a BBBIIIGGG space where the lap puppy sat. lol
Buddy sure loves his cookies. Slip him a couple for us. Rand

i'll put it in the shop
with all my special tools

and wont find it for months
like everything else lol
Can you take it apart and clean/replace the window? Sure looks like a handy gadget.
Well, well, looks like it's your lucky day (even if it has arrived three years later.) I'm in Albuquerque, NM and I found a Nivometre N131 just exactly like the one you've shown above. I found it in a box of stuff I bought at a Yard Sale just yesterday. Is there anything more beautiful than finding a yard sale where a woman is selling her ex's tools?

Anyway, I'd be willing to part with this very cool (and unique) tool if we9 can come to a price. Let me know.

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