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I have a self-named syndrome called "DIY Syndrome". I figure some of you handy men and woman must suffer from the same problem. For a silly off-topic discussion, I was wondering how you deal with this syndrome and more importantly how your significant others deal with it!

For me, getting into woodworking is just the next era in my DIY Syndrome. I was always interested in woodworking but never had the space to work. Now that I do, I can add woodworking to my list of "I can do that myself" tasks!

My girlfriend and I just bought our first apartment. With moving comes furniture buying, decorating, closet modifications, lighting upgrades, etc. And now that we own, I can modify even more! The typical progression is:

1. Look online and in stores for solution to problem (e.g. furniture, artwork)
2. Find nothing we like or find something but it is too expensive
3. I proclaim "I'll just make it!"
4. Girlfriend applies palm to forehead

The GF likes my little projects but when I already have 30 of them in the pipeline, she gets a bit anxious when it takes weeks to complete one of them!
I also have to train myself to sometimes just lay down the cash for something I want and realize that time saved and piece of mind is worth something.

I can't imagine how my syndrome will progress if we move to the suburbs with lawn, garage, etc. That's a full-time job!

How do you handy people deal?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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