Craftsman - 6677 manual drill sharpener (Rating: 4)

I've been wanting to sharpen all of my old drills. I've got a lot of them and it's getting to the point that I'm down to choosing the least dull of all my dull drills. Lots of burning wood and poor results on metal. I was left with the choices of getting a drill sharpener or buying more new drills. These are regular twist drills, from very small ones up to half inch. Not drills like forstner bits.

I've had not so good results trying to sharpen them freehand on a grinder or with a file. So I began looking. Yes there's the Drill Doctor type sharpeners but the aren't inexpensive and from reviews and online sources they get mixed reviews. One sharpener I found that a lot of people liked was an old Craftsman manual sharpener. Not made any longer but a copy made by General tools exists. The General tools one (China I assume) gets mixed reviews but the old discontinued Craftsman is pretty well liked.

I found a lot of them on Ebay for about $15 - $24 depending on shipping costs. I searched them and found one that looked in like new condition and got here for about $22 with shipping. Yesterday I made a new stand for my grinder and today I mounted the drill sharpener and sharpened a bunch of drills. There are detailed directions on Youtube.

The sharpener consists of a drill holder with a tooth at the end that helps line the drill in the correct orientation to sharpen both bevels of a drill.
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A thumbwheel moves the drill forward as you swivel the drill face back and forth in an arc to put a curved bevel on the business end of the drill. A tilt gauge lets you lock the drill at four different angles. (see top pictures)

I must say that any drill above 1/8th inch will sharpen just like factory sharp. It's easy to do and seems rather foolproof considering I was successful with a dozen drills from 3/16 ths to 1/2 inch. Each drill was sharp and I tried a few of them just to make sure I didn't imagine it. I am able to restore many of my drills instead of buying new ones or settling with dull ones. The twenty dollar gadget will save me many times more than that.

The reason for four stars is that it doesn't handle drills about an 1/8th inch or less. It might also be due to the coarseness of my grinding wheel. But the tooth that locks them in place won't engage well with tiny drills. I guess I'll purchase a few sizes in bulk.

The following video while not that well made shows the unit in action and the results along with some more information about it. So, if you've got a grinder and about twenty bucks. Look on Ebay. I recommend this device.

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