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Dis-essembling table legs (Glue)

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I am helping a neighbor "refresh" a table. Its not a full refinishing project as it does not need it. However, she had a dog that liked the table legs. One is chewed too badly to simply refinish or refresh. I need to copy it best I can and replace it. I have removed the screws from the bottom of one of the sets of legs (look like a mushroom - 4 legs to a set). The leg is securely glued in a slide in mortice, sliding up from the bottom. Question: is there something that will soften the glue so I can remove the leg without damaging the post?
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A lot of people swear by vinegar, especially if you can get acetic acid, which is a more concentrated form of vinegar, or at the very least pickling vinegar. On regular wood glue. But getting that into the mortise will be pretty tricky. You can cut the leg and then drill holes through the part of the tenon that's left and try to do it that way. Or maybe you'll get lucky and they used hide glue, which should come apart with water and some heat.
I'm quite curious about why you tagged this question as humor?
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