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Dining table question.

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A few yrs ago I built a Mission style dining table. It has 2 table extenders and the top is 1" thick. At the time I used 4 #10 wood screws on each portion of the sliders. I've never been happy with that setup as the table is very heavy and trying to move it by lifting on the top would end up with the top ripping of the extensions. The table comes apart into 6/7 sections and was assembled in place, but now I'm thinking of revisiting the problem. I'm thinking of trying screw in threaded inserts. Or 90° brackets that would be attached to the top and the extensions. Or if some one has a better idea I'm all ears. Thanks.

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Your table looks really great. I've never installed table slides but I did find a video on YouTube that may help.

It's called "Installing and Using Table Slides."
I don't think the threaded inserts would hold any better than screws. I would go to a larger screw size, say #12 (with deeper threads) and use additional screws. Also pre drill slightly undersize holes so the screws don't split the wood. If the extensions are wood you could also add glue to the mounting. If there is a finish on the underside you might need to scrape it off before gluing with a wood glue although a urethane glue should work (even on metal extensions).
The pictured insert look like cast zinc. The brass inserts may be better. I have epoxied them into end grain in full size holes with good results.
The 1" thick top presents a couple challenges:
- Stronger inserts like those shown are 1" deep and will pop through the top.
- minimal screw thread engagement holding a flexible table slide

Since you pictured an equalizer slide, assuming you have center mounted the slides to base plate between legs?

Making a more permanent slide attachment to table top, might require making the top/slides and center mounting plate removable as single assembly. Basically unbolting the slide mounting plate from legs to enable break down for transportation. I used a couple of square head bolts through each trestle leg top, with washers and nuts on top attaching a BB plywood plate, for clean look on bottom.

Along those lines, suggest an improved mounting to table:
Add a ~2×4 or 2×6 hardwood plank to table underside, on the outside of the anchored ends of table slides. The plank should be same width as height of slide. Glue and screw the plank to table bottom. Cross drill the table slide (missing the dovetail slot) and screw the slide horizontally into the anchored plank, as well using screws from bottom. The horizontal screws need to be countersunk to deal with slide opening/closing. This will dramatically improve the attachment strength to table top.

Best Luck.
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Captainklutz. I neglected to mention the boards of the table top run at 90° to the table extensions…bad idea. If I knew then what I know now.
Yes they are equalizer slides, one side bolted to a fixed base (part of the lower system) and wood screwed to the top. I really liked the 2×4 idea, but with the dreaded wood movement…that won't cut it.
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