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Digital Bandsaw Tension Gauge

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This is a build-it-yourself digital bandsaw tension gauge I made with a Raspberry Pi and a load-cell. I replaced the tension spring of my Hitachi Model CB-75F bandsaw with a couple of adapters and a load-cell to read the force directly applied to the upper wheel. This device measures the force, calculates the tension and displays it on an LCD display.

Details about this Gadget can be found at the Instructables website below:

Digital Bandsaw Blade Tension Gauge

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Cool! (Ditto Lew!)

I like playing with the Pi's, very functional devices.

Setting bandsaw blade tension is a black art, the standard scales on most saws are horribly inaccurate and until one gets a "feel" for what tension works for what blade, the guessing game can cause many problems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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