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Did you ever have one of those days (sawstop dado cartridge)

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This week-end was the catch up week-end on important projects. Started off Sat had plan to spend some time with my son and get some shop time in. Day took longer and did not get to it. Decided that's ok as he's graduating high school and I wont get to many more opportunities.

So I said today is the day. Needed to do some dado's in wine cabinet sides. Up until now had made them with a router. I wanted to try them with my dado set and compare the set up time and see which was faster. I seem to be making a lot of wine cabinets lately.

I got my sawstop a few months and at the time did not get the dado cartridge and would need it along with a dado insert. Well Woodcraft is about 30 minutes away and they did not open till noon. Did some work and headed down and they even let me in early. Picked up my cartridge and insert headed back.

Got everything ready and went to change it over and the new cartridge would not go in. I tried a couple times and then looked at the pin outs on the other cartridge and noticed the new one had 3 rows of pins and my regular one only had two rows. Looked up the part number and sure enough it was for the original version of sawstop.

Go get back in the truck and back we go. Another trip there and back and the cartridge changed fine and I was back in business. Well except for the wild goose chase I do believe the setup is faster with the dado set. I really like the fast change over possible with the sawstop. Makes it easy with the wide opening. Did not accomplish much but it at least I did get to make some sawdust.

Hope ya'll did too.
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Well, my day was one of those days..
I dropped my laptop to the floor and hit the screen… which was now toast.

Plugged into the hdmi and for a few seconds it seemed good, then the mother board fried.

Yes it has been one of those days.
Now working off the wife's computer.

Right now, I need another computer and will have to restore it. But yes I got some shop work done.. a couple of coats of shellac and some glue ups… once I calmed down.
You win!
Yah! I can't compete with those two. My week end went well. Probably because I had things going on and didn't get any shop time. Saw dust comes this week. After I cut my lawn and spread mulch and repair a eave drain. I'm tired thinking about it. Guess I'll take a nap.
I spent an hour re shaping a chisel to do some dovetails. I did get the chisel sharpened nicely, so there's a plus, but the subsequent dovetails… Not so much. I think the re shaping/sharpening tired me out, and I was not very diligent in cutting the dovetails.

I don't enjoy sharpening. I especially don't enjoy being a hack. I can do better.
Build a $100 belt sharpening system and you won't be so tired from "shaping & sharpening". This thing works like a champ and is several hundreds cheaper than the competition.
Thanks Mike! I'm reading it now.
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