DeWalt - Smoke Protector Safety Glasses (Rating: 5)

Do they worth a buck at all? Why did I buy them?

Adjectives that might best describe this glasses would be Exceptional Quality and Amazing Value.

True to their name, DeWalt's safety glasses set the standard for quality and value. I got them shipped to my home a couple days ago for $3 but now only $2 and they are more comfortable than safety glasses costing 5 times as much. That's why I want to suggest you guys to grab one if you are needing this kind of thing.

The glasses fit comfortably and do not obscure my vision or distort objects in my peripheral vision. They are extremely durable and resistant to scratching. I've been wearing them constantly while working out in my yard and they are holding up nicely.

A great price and a great product. I might buy several more just to keep handy and the price might go up.

Here are the choice they have. Look at the price :)