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hmm… when you say convex do you mean it's short on both ends of the cut or just one? If just one, is it the edge closer to the fence or away from the fence? If you're not sliding at all, then the blade is making contact first with the middle of the work piece and then progressing towards the edges. Just trying to visualize physically how it could happen. If there was some blade wobble involved, the deflection would be more exaggerated towards the perimeter, and less closer to the arbor. When the saw is all the way down, the center of the workpiece would be closer to the arbor, with each edge sitting closer to the blade edge. So that would make sense.

Things I would try to improve results and/or further determine cause…
-make sure workpiece is clamped/held down properly.
-make a first cut wide of your mark. Then a second cut taking off just the width of the blade.
-Try making a sliding cut, even on a narrower workpiece. It might mitigate the effects of the wobble (if that indeed is the root cause).
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