A friend of mine gave me this awhile back and I didn't think I would use it because I realy didn't need the extra light. Well I guess I should have installed it earlier then I did. I have been using it for some time now and wonder how I cut without it before. I think it is a great accessory, I would say better then a laser light.

I believe they run about 35 bucks and I would say well worth the investment. It is quite easy to install even for a knot head as myself. Although, it isn't he brightest light it does put extra light on the wood to help mark a line and make it easier to see the cut line.

The real advantage is that it puts a shadow of the blade onto the wood right where the blade is going to cut the wood. Its quite accurate, maybe not like a laser but pretty dang close and only because it isn't as clear of a line. Once you get use to using it you won't cut without it. It works great when you cut angles and when you are trying just to shave a little off the end.

Well that's all I got, it works great for me a real handy accessory.
Thanks for looking,