DeWalt - DW745 (Rating: 4)

Greetings, I wanted to share a review of the Dewalt DW745 portable table saw. I bought this table saw a few months ago to do a hardwood floor install and have been quite impressed with its accuracy and power. I have owned several portable table saw which have been used Makitas. The Makitas are great for power and durability, but just didn't have what I wanted in safety features and precision. I was looking for something that would allow me to do better quality wood working without the frustration of set up and handling when I am building projects or home improvements.

Many of the forums here have always suggested stationary table saws and I agree since I recently bought an older Emerson built Craftsman contractor saw. There is no denying its like night and day. But I still have no reservations on using this Dewalt workhorse for its just a fun tool to use. I know there are many wood workers out there who only have room for a portable or need it for its versatility on the projects/jobs they do.

Now this is not a perfect saw, but it sure comes close with much more positives than aggravating negatives.

Pros: Powerful 15 amp motor, small foot print with 16" rip capacity. Fence is on a track system and remains straight, locks tight and adjusts easily. Light weight, but stable, roll cage, smart guard system with riving knife and anti-kick back pawls (all easily removed if necessary). Standard size miter channels, blade is easily adjustable to miter slots. Decent dust collection when using a shop vac. Dewalt warranty is 90 return and 3 yrs service. Factory settings are near true (Mine is less than 1/32 off at blade to miter slot, although it could be the less than accurate combo square I am using)

Neg: Miter gauge is made of plastic (it serves its purpose), Loud, but no more than a circular saw, Dado blades cannot be used (I like to use a router for dados). Stand is not included but can be obtained at an extra cost. Coating on table surface easily scratches.

I did alot of research before I bought this table saw. It is not the top of the line portable which cost in the neighborhood of $500-$600. Where its hard to justify spending when stationary table saws can be a better investment. For those of us who have the need for a quality tool that will give back in reliability, precision and quality then this is the saw I would recommend. Not to mention HD & Lowes both do price matching and HF 20% coupons. Cheers H.