DeWalt - DC390K 18v Cordless 6 1/2" Circular Saw (Rating: 4)

I don't recall how much I paid for this saw as I bought it on a Black Friday sale from Lowe's last year, and it's sat over the winter. I finally got to drag it out to trim some 3/4" OSB for my workshop remodel, and wow. I was concerned about how much pressure I'd have to use to get through the material - but I was halfway done with the cut before I realized I was exerting almost no pressure at all. It's been zipping through the cuts like a sports car with the stock carbide blade the accompanies the saw.


  • Cuts like a sports car on a straightaway.
  • Sturdy molded (rather than blown) case with real metal latches and hinge pin.


  • Safety interlock on the trigger is awkward to use.

This really should be a 4.5 star review, except that's not an available selection. The awkward safety latch, which is very distracting right when you're starting the cut, knocks off a half star.