DeWalt - D55140 (Rating: 5)

This compressor is fairly powerful, when it works… if you'll notice, a lot of people have problems with this unit quitting working after a certain amount of time, and here's the reason and the fix for those who are at all curious…

There's something wrong with the way this unit draws power, which causes a short in the circuit board. The board gets overloaded if you leave it on, and the fuse blows. No fuse means the unit stops working completely. You can replace the fuse (I believe it's a 5 amp fuse) on the inside - but it will blow again after a matter of time (like I said, a defect in the circuitry…)

It is something of a pain to open this compressor up and work on it. I installed a plate on the outside that holds the bottom plastic back together, and removed the stock compression clamps on the hoses and replaced those with screw down hose clamps. Now the unit is easier to open than it was before..but it is still something of a nuisance to open it up and fix it.

To fix this (somewhat) permanently, I soldered wire on either side of the circuit board, and moved the fuse to the outside of the unit. The fuse is now accessable directly on the ouside of the case (between the tank and the knobs) - and when it blows, I can simply replace it with another fuse for about $0.80.

A more permanent solution would be to put a 5A breaker on the outside, so you just have to flip a switch when it pops…but I haven't gotten to that point yet.

.......even with this fix, I would still reccomend staying away from this compressor. It IS ultra portable and when it's working it's great for trim and light work, but who wants to open up an air compressor to fix something that should have been either caught by Quality Control or recalled entirely?

If you are looking for a more powerful compressor, with a 4.5 gallon tank, then check the Dewalt D55146 oil-free compressor . Amazon has quite a few reviews from people who bought this product.