DeWalt - 8 Inch Dado Blade (Rating: 5)

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I had had it with the last 4 Retail store Dado stacks over the last year. All of them were awful. Seems the more expensive they were the worse they cut. SO I decided to pull the trigger on a Ridge Carbon Set for
$400. AT that time they were out of stock. UGH! So I watched some more Youtube vids and ran across some about the the DeWalt 8 inch set for
$150. Every one seems to love them.

So I bought one. Finally used it yesterday. WOW It really did a great, clean, sharp job. NOT perfect but damn close. One thing I loved was the Case. It is the best Dado blade case I have run across.

My last dado set was a Erwin and the cut was so bad I could not use it on and hardwoods. The case sucked to.

My DeWalts outside blade cutter has just the slightest too long bat ear. Butvery acceptable

I was amazed with my first Ridge Carbide FLAT cut full kerf blade. I used it as a dado blade for a 1.5 wide 3/4 deep dado and the bottom was flawless flat and smooth as glass. That's why I wanted a dado set from them.

For less than half the price of the RC, and a very acceptable results.

You will love the case to!

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