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Dewalt 8.5" sliding miter saw

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Has anyone had any experience with these? I searched and couldn't find any topics on them. I'm currently putting parquet flooring down in the kitchen and wife wants the quarter round nosed at the end and thought it might be a good excuse to buy one.

Lowes has them on clearance for $197 regular $359 I think, and I can get an extra 10% off with military discount. It's a sliding miter saw.

Only other route I could go is an older gentleman not far from me has a Bosch 10" dual slider but he's asking $350 and has had it for about six years or more. He's selling all of his woodworking tools and has a Jet JWTS 10" table saw as well with a router on one end, but was asking $350 for it as well which seemed a little high considering how long he's had the saws. Couldn't get a model number out of him, just the JWTS.

I think the dewalt is a single bevel, forgot to write the model number down when we were there and can't find it on their website. But for $177 plus tax seemed like a decent deal considering the cheapos were around $100 and up.

Thanks for any info or advice you can give me, I don't have to buy it but seemed like a decent price and could use it to put a little angle on the end of the quarter round I'm putting down. I think I read somewhere about people putting like a 5 degree angle on the ends so they look a little better than just being flat. But if I would be better holding out for a bigger dual bevel I can.
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Not familiar with the models, but I'd go for the table saw before the sliders.
Stopped by there a few minutes ago to get the model number so I could research them and they are sold out lol. Oh well, back to looking for stuff, hehe.
Maybe you would regret not buying the bigger blade in the long run .Is the bosch good value I don't know you would need to check the condition but if it's mint then about two thirds of new price thats if it's not too old either or if it's a bit more used anything from half price to less.$350 for a six year old tool seems a lot to me unless it's used very infrequently and is as new but you need to go look and compare the market prices for a similar tool of that age.good luck I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for luck.LOLAlistair
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