Dewalt Milwaukee - Dewalt DCW600B Milwaukee 2723-20 (Rating: 5)

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I have a fair bit of experience with corded routers as can be seen in this thread and recently decided to try the cordless.

After reading all the reviews and watching videos I ended up getting the Dewalt 20 volt DCW600B and Milwaukee 18 volt 2723-20 (my timing was perfect as Home Depot has a deal on both where you buy the battery starter kit with 2 batteries/charger for $199.00 and get a tool free).

Initially I was going to buy 2 of the Milwaukee's and dedicate one to the 1/8" round over bit I use almost daily and the other with a plunge base for a circle jig that I also use almost daily (I build custom home/auto speaker cabinets). When I went to order the Milwaukee plunge base I noticed the dust collection port exited to the side while the Dewalt faced up which I find works best with a circle jig so I decided to buy 2 Dewalts instead. After remembering the reviews mentioning the Dewalt was taller, heavier and had a larger diameter which may make it difficult to use one handed I decided to get one of each to suit my needs.

Overall fit and finish of both is excellent as expected, both have similar features in regards to led lights, one wrench bit changes, easily removable brushless motor, variable speed and quick battery changes.

The major differences I found were the bit height adjustment (ring adjuster works fine on the Dewalt however I find the thumbscrew design on the Milwaukee to be more convenient to use), the switch is on the side and the speed adjustment is on the front of the Dewalt while they are opposite on the Milwaukee, the larger diameter as well as additional height did make the Dewalt a bit cumbersome to use with one hand as reviews mentioned and the Milwaukee comes with a shaft wrench as well so you can do 2 wrench bit changes which is my preference.

Also, the Milwaukee comes standard with the dust port attachment, a second larger sub base that allows for template guides and the edge guide while the Dewalt only comes with the standard sub base and single wrench.

For my purposes horsepower is not an issue as the Dewalt will have a dedicated 1/4" spiral bit and the Milwaukee will have a dedicated 1/8" round over and neither is battery run time as both will just be used in spurts for a dedicated task and each has a second battery.

IMO both are excellent machines and will be great additions to the workshop when used within their limitations (in my case the larger sub base as well as smaller diameter motor give the benefit to the Milwaukee for one handed edge work)