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The first thing to check is the air supply. If you have a blow gun you can plug into the air hose in place of the spray gun, do so and check to see if you are getting air to the gun. If not, try a different hose. If that still doesn't work, its a compressor problem. Check the regulator built into the compressor, make sure it is set to a reasonable level - somewhat higher than the pressure setting you set the gun's regulator to. Other than than, I don't know much about compressors.

Need to know a little bit more about your setup and what is happening when you try to spray. Is it a gravity, pressure or siphon gun? Regulator on the gun? What pressure do you spray at? When you try to spray, are you getting any liquid out of the front of the nozzle? It is a solid stream, or does it seem like the gun atomizes it slightly?

In the meantime, make sure the front end of the gun is really clean. Remove the aircap, fluid nozzle, needle and baffle (if the gun has one), and soak them in lacquer thinner overnight. After soaking, clean the aircap thoroughly with a toothpick - make sure that the air passage in the horns of the cap are not clogged. Reassemble, lubricate and try to spray.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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