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Design Help Outdoor bench with back

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I plan on making two outdoor benches. They will sit on 4×4's mounted in the ground. I would like to put a back on the benches. I have not been able to locate any plans for such a design. Anyone have an idea or two? Thanks.
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I don't have plans, but here are a couple that I have done. Sorry, I don't have great Sideview shots.

Live edge

Table Wood Natural material Hardwood Wood stain

This is probably more like you are thinking of. The armrests help hold the back up.

Outdoor bench Street furniture Wood Outdoor furniture Bench

Hope it helps.


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Arm rests are a must have on which to rest beverages. Not too high in the seat but not to low that one can't get up.
Something that supports the entire back and maybe slightly longer in the seat so one can recline.
No splinters.
I provide this as an expert bench user with absolutely no wood working advice associated.

Oh, and I like the wheels on Monte's
Bob Current
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