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Delta/Rockwell/Invicta 22-650 Planer Wrench size for knives?

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Can someone who owns this planer tell me what size wrench I need to pull the blades? A standard wrench wont fit in the slot, so I'll need to grind one down, but I need to know which size wrench to grind.


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Can't tell you the size, but it will be metric for sure, as those are built in Brazil (at least mine was). Go to the pawn shop and pick up a handful at 50 cents each, and grind down the size that looks right. I grind down wrenches often to fit in a special situation, and at that price, I don't feel the slightest pang of regret.
I had the 22-640 and I think it was 10MM…going from memory. I lost the cheapie stamped wrench and had to grind one down. If you can determine that is the size, I would suggest buying one of these. They are surprising stout, no grinding needed, and very cheap.
Thanks, guys.

10MM fits in the slot, but is way to small. It looks like 12 or 13MM might do the trick.

Does anyone know for sure?
Can you get a caliber on it so you can measure?
I don't know if the manual tells you the size of the bolt but it is downloadable.
Good luck for sure!
13mm is pretty close to 7/16. It may be easier to find throwaway
SAE wrenches. I have a bunch of old SAE wrenches. I can mail you
one if you can't find something to grind down.

You don't have a caliper you can fit in there?
In my experience, metric wrenches will work on SAE bolts, but not the other way around.
Thanks for all the advice, guys.

I took the advice above and hit the pawn shop. Just as stated, they sold wrenches for .50 a pop.

13mm did the trick, although it was a bit loose on the bolt.

Didn't even need to grind it down.

My planer is finally aligned and ready to work. Thanks again!
Loren A 13mm is closer to a 1/2, and a 11mm is closer to a 7/16. Just a heads up
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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