Delta - Unisaw, 3 HP with 36" Biesemeyer fence (Rating: 2)

I guess that if you hear enough people saying the same thing, there might be some truth to it. This was the case with my recent Unisaw purchase. I went to pick the saw up at Lowes and when they brought it out it was packed in a fashion that was screaming damage me. It came in four separate boxes, the table saw body, the saw side table, the fence, and the bar that the fence sits on. As many other people have noted, the fence box and the side table box where destroyed. Laguna does a better job packing there fence on there $1100 saw then Delta does on this $2500 saw. The store manager and I were able to do a quick visual inspection at the store, but didn't note any serious damage. I wasn't about to cut the boxes out from the plastic wrap before driving this beast home.

When I get home and start to unpack the boxes, I notice that the side table did receive some damage during shipping in the form of what looks like a pallet jack spearing it and breaking it in half. Im actually very surprised that the fence didn't receive any damage the way that box looked. I wont hold my breath though, I haven't been able to install the fence yet because the tale is broken. The picture is the fence and side table boxes.

So my first course of action was to call Delta to see what their typical course of action was. I waited on the phone literally 20 minutes waiting to talk to someone. Once I finally got through, the guy could not have cared less about my problem. Did you look for damage he asked, and I explained the situation that I noted earlier in this review. I asked if they would send out a new table and he responded like I was some kind of moron for asking a question like that and to deal with Lowes about it. So I was on the phone for a total of 21 minutes without any resolve on my situation.

My second course of action was to go back to Lowes. They handled it like a bunch of pros, taking action to order me a new table. I will add that I spoke with two store managers about the problem and they both said "you called Delta and they wouldn't just ship you a new table?!" I told them it wasn't a cheap saw either. Lowes was actually getting ready to order a whole new saw if needed to get me the new part. I told them they really didn't want to do that and I would figure something else out before they did that.

At this point I'm still waiting for the replacement side table. Hopefully, this one will come undamaged.