Delta - 46-460 12-1/2" Variable-Speed Mini/Midi Lathe with optional stand (Rating: 5)

I purchased this lathe two weeks ago when it was on sale at Woodcraft. I brought it home, opened it up, and set it up. It took about an hour to completely set it up.

The lathe stands level and true, and the tail stock/head stock are perfectly aligned. It is a variable speed, but some belt changes are needed for different speed "ranges." It is a cinch to change the belt. Picture #2 shows how you pull a lever, change the belt, re-tighten the lever, and off you go.

It is a quiet lathe, and I have yet to set it bouncing. I also purchased the Delta stand to go with it, and it is a nice stand and well made.

The only question I do have on it is the lathe bed. Whereas on my Powermatic 3520b where the bed is as smooth as a baby's behind, and also on the Jet models, the bed of this lathe is "textured," ridged actually, and is very rough to the touch. It does not interfere with the motion of the tailstock, but I am surprised it is not polished like the other lathes I have seen.

This is a well made lathe and I would recommend it.