Delta - 40-690 (Rating: 4)

I was lucky enough to get this saw while Woodcraft's had it on sale for $349.00 last week. It was delivered today and I stoped everything I was doing and put it together. After reading reviews that dinged it for some problems I inspected it carefully. One of the issues was the attach screws for the light. I inspected the screws and then the threads in the saw housing. I found that the first few threads were non existant and the screws were just a bit to short and had no bite. I bought longer 6mm screws and attached the light with no problems and it is now solidly attached. Other reviews dinged the stand as being flimsy. I first assembled the stand with the hardware hand tight and then with the stand on level ground I attached the saw and torqued the mount bolts and then torqued the stand hardware. Everything is stable and rock solid. I leveled the table and squared it with the blade. I then waxed the table. On the left side of the table it is just a bit rough but with some light sanding with emery cloth that is now smooth. Delta provides you with an allen and a torx bit for attaching the table but the bevel indicater pointer screw is a different size but I had one so I was able to zero out the pointer. As far as tilting the table, it isn't as smooth as I'd have expected but it works ok. With the hardware pack Delta provides you with 2 blades and a piece of stamped metal that is not listed in the instructions (see attached picture). Do any of you know what this is for? I cut with the saw for about an hour with different woods and thicknesses and I must say I'm very impressed. The variable speed is smooth and during sawing I checked for blade squareness and it never came out of square. The tensioner is smooth and positioned where you need it, at the front of the saw. I did attach the saw to a foot operated switch and I must say that is going to be a big help although the speed control and on/off swith are also mounted within easy reach. This saw is exactly like the DEWALT 788 but the stand and light were included in the sale price. I'm looking forward to using this saw and hopefully it will hold up as well as the Dewalt. I would have given it 5 stars except for the issue I stated but it's still a great product so far. Time will tell.