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Decking material and orientation

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I am building a 700 sq ft deck about 14 off the ground and would appreciate your thoughts and expertise on the following:

Is Thompsonized material better than Yellawood?
What are the benefits if any of 5/4×6 compared to 2×6 decking?
Can I lay the decking at 45 degree angle with 2×8 16" joists?
Has anyone used the aluminum balusters and if so, is it best to use balusters connectors or drill holes in the rails?

thanks for your help,
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Hey Cap'n and Julian,
Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Sounds like using the 2×6 instead of 5/4 will be stronger and less springy especially when layed at 45 degree. I will probably try drilling the balusters holes rather than using the connectors - they cost almost half as much as the balusters!

And, Max, thanks for the warm welcome.

Wright (on in a cold night in Kentucky )
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