Craftsman - 30 pc. Router Bit Set in Wooden Case Model # 26366 (Rating: 3)

I have had this set for a couple of years and used maybe a quarter of the bits. Like other have said not the best way to spend money, it's better to buy individual or small sets of high quality bits. I realized this after buying some freud, whiteside, and amana bits.

The case that the bits come in is nice and it hangs on the wall nicely and look impressive. The downside is the bits are a challenge to get out, work gloves and taking the case off the wall are generally necessary. The doors are glass and have a nice magnetic latch. Surprised I have not broken the glass.

The bits are 1/4" shank and generally I only use them in my trim router now. They are not super sharp out of the case and they don't keep their sharpness as well as freud, whiteside, and amana bits.

For light work they are fine. If you think you are going to use them frequently look elsewhere or have fun sharpening them.