Central Machinery - Four Inch Belt and 6 Inch Disc Sander #93981 (Rating: 4)

Found a Harbor Freight coupon for this in the latest issue of Wood Magazine for $49.95 (lists for $99.99), so I thought I would run down to my local Harbor Freight and check out the "floor model". After looking it over I decided to go ahead and make the purchase. It unpacked easily and was a breeze to setup. Basically just have to attached the table. For the most part this is a pretty decent machine for the price, good cast iron parts except for the table and the disk; which are both machined aluminum. It seems to work ok on the few test pieces I used it on and think it's a pretty good deal for the sales price.

I have always been a bit wary to purchase power tools from Harbor Freight, but this one seems to be ok. As usual, do your own due diligence!