Dead On Tools - Exhumer 9 Nail Puller (Rating: 5)

This isn't your average cat's-paw style nail puller. This is the Exhumer 9 by Dead-On Tools. It actually measures 10 5/8", but with a name like Exhumer, who cares. This is another multi-use tool with a circular saw blade nut wrench, small hammer face, two claws, and a bottle opener. Yes, a bottle opener. It works. I tried it about 12 times the first weekend I owned it…I lost count after that…

Anyway, I have used the heck out of this, and it has always performed well. I have pulled nails and smaller screws and it had enough leverage to not get stuck. It works effectively for digging out deep nails by striking the back face with a hammer and using the claws to grab the offender. The saw wrench has saved me a few times. Working on a job site and leaving the wrench behind would normally be a pain in the butt if you needed to change or tighten the blade. Since the Exhumer has earned a permanent place in the Super Hero Belt, I always have the exact size wrench I need.

What would I change? Nothing. This thing is perfect the way it is, skulls and all.

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