Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc. - Translucent Arkansas Stone (Rating: 5)

I have been looking for a sharpening product that I could use between my super fine diamond stone and a leather strop that is different than the Norton 8000 grit water stone I was currently using. I think the water stone is a great product, but I hate the maintenance and mess of a water stone.

When I took a class at the Homestead Heritage School of Woodworking, we learned about sharpening and the system that was used was diamond stones (up through super fine) and then the Translucent Arkansas Stone, followed by the strop. The demonstration and end result looked easy, relatively fast, and very sharp (with minimal mess and fuss). I decided to look into a similar system so on the hunt for a Translucent Arkansas Stone I went.

I sent emails to a few reputable companies and Dan's Whetstone answered my email the next day. In fact, they were the only one to do so. We corresponded back and forth about what sizes I was interested in, and my price range and after about a week (including a weekend), she sent me pricing and availability on the product I was looking for within my price range. I agreed to order one, sent in my payment and shipping info and was pleasantly surprised to see an email the next day with 2 pictures of the exact stone they picked out for me. This was great because I was interested in a seconds and asked if they could make sure that the natural defects of the stone were not through the body of the stone but around the edges as I would be sharpening plane irons and chisels and didn't want something right through the middle of a 2" wide stone. She said she included my request on the quote so the guys in production could hand pick me something that would work for what I wanted. The pictures of the stone (both sides) looked great and I was happy to respond with my final okay of the order.

I received my order today and my god is this thing perty. I've never used a natural stone before so it is neat to see how beautiful these are. As you can see from the attached picture the stone is a translucent faded pearly white color with small circles of pinkish purple throughout. Gorgeous!!!!! I cant say enough about how great my experience has been with Dan's Whetsone Company. I give their customer service and product (so far) a huge 5 star rating.. If anyone has been on the fence about this company, I recommend going for it.

Thanks for reading,