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Cutting thick slabs

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I have access to some 5.5"square x 12.5' long 100+ yr old old growth southern yellow pine flooring from an old factory floor( these slabs are tounge & grooved) which I want to use to build a Roubo style bench. I will need to cut these behemoths down (length & width) and am unsure of the best way to do it. I have never cut anything so thick. I am concerned that my cabinet saw is a bit under powered at 1.75HP with only a 3 1/8" max depth of cut and these boards are far to unwieldy for my 14" bandsaw. My thought was to cut it half through on the table saw and then turn it over and cut up from the other side. I can later plane away any unevenness, I would love some suggestions on how to make use of these boards with my equipment.
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If you need them shorter I would use a skill or sawzall to cut it to length first at which point I have ripped one side and flipped it to do the other. Just have a sharp, lower tooth count blade that can clear the dust well. Move slow, especially towards the end as you can't see the blade coming out of the end till its ready to get your fingers. You want out feed support.
1. Buy a thin kerf blade for your TS.
2. Hire a local sawyer with a Woodmizer.
3. Make an infeed/outfeed table for your BS and buy the proper blade.
4. Use your chain saw with a chain sharpened for ripping and an Alaskan saw mill.
5. Split them with wedges and a mall.
6. Punt.
I'd use a circular saw to get them down to reasonable size for a TS. I had a P-C contractor saw that struggled just with SYP 2×10s and binding. Didn't feel safe whatsoever having those large boards on there, ripped them all on the circular saw.
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