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cutting board design

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hey everyone,

I am just about to have a go at some cutting boards and need a little help designing them.
I recall a thread somewhere in here about using microsoft excel (I think) for designing boards but I cant find it anywhere. (it might of being a blog)

If anybody can help me find it it would be great.
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Hey Broda
You must not have searched here there are a lot of great cutting boards, check out Dagoose work and many others.
I uploaded the spreadsheet to here:

Couldn't find the original post. This is NOT my work but I couldn't remember the LJ who did it.
thanks for your replies everyone.
theres alot of good info there but not quite what i was looking for. what i remember is somebody using microsoft excel to design them. using the little squares and giving them colours to see what it was going to look like before they made it.
Is this it?
no but thanks anyway poroskywood
The file that Lew linked to called "Cutting Board Patterns" is the excel file I played with to layout some of my designs. It uses Shape Art as the wood instead of the cells on a spread sheet.

Here is a quick and dirty excel sheet you can use for starters….cutting board maker

Use the color shading to tweak the cells to represent what you want. You can then drag a particular cell to copy that color into additional cells.

Hope this helps.


I think that this link will take you to what you were looking for… It is a cutting board designer.
thanks everyone i'll post them on here when i'm done
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