Cuttermasters - 6" C.B.N. grinding wheels, 6" 5/8" arbor 100 and 180 grit (Rating: 5)

Cuttermasters C.B.N. Grinding wheels have made drill sharpening easier, cleaner and faster.

I had read about these wheels on another sight, and when I had finished rebuilding my 1980s era Darex drill bit sharpening grinder, I decided to splurge on what I had heard was "the best"

I am so pleased, I can see myself buying more of these wheels for my regular bench grinder soon.

Some advantages of C.B.N. (Cubic Boron Nitride) wheels.

-Cool Running: I'm not sure how much of it is due to CBN, or the fact that the wheels are a giant heavy steel heat sick, but the drill bits can be cut pretty aggressively on these wheels with no bluing, in fact the tips are barely above room temp to touch right after grinding! I've never come close to "burning a bit" or anything else on these.

- They can't explode: In some applications this can mean working with no guard. I am keeping mine on to prevent anything get caught in the wheels, however the sides are smooth steel which you can run your finger against while it's running with no fear of injury. (Be careful of the edge of the cutting surface! that will hurt you!)

- Fixed size: They do not wear down as you use them. The flat surface remains flat. For drill bit sharpening this is important,. no need to re-adjust jigs as dimension reduces, no need to maintain a flat surface with a dresser.

- Factory balanced: Combined with the fact that I could get them in a variety of arbor sizes, this meant no spacers, no balancers, just smooth quiet perfectly balanced operation right off the bat.

I have used these on the Darex set up so far. I've sharpened a few years worth of damaged or dull bits in a busy shop (about 60 drill bits) thus far, and used it to touch up a few turning tools as well. the results are simply fantastic.

These are worth the scary high price in the long run.