Irwin - 1807368 Marples 10-in 50-Tooth Circular Saw Blade (Rating: 4)

After I bought my R4512 (reviewed eventually…), I knew I needed a quality blade. I didn't even bother trying the stock blade. After hearing only good things about the Irwin combo blade, I went out and got it. This blade truly lives up to all of the reviews. It crosscuts as good or better than my 60 tooth miter saw blade, even without a ZCI or sled. Ripping is a breeze, with glue-ready edges and no tearout. The one thing I have to force myself to remember is that the blade is a combination, and supposed to be a compromise between ripping and crosscutting. That said, I will be buying a dedicated rip and crosscut blade in the future, but for now, this will work just fine.

I'm not the best photographer, so these pictures really don't do the cuts much justice. I envy those of you who who can take spectacular photos of cuts like these. Both cuts are in red oak with no ZCI or crosscut sled, just a stock miter gauge and fence.

Wood Rectangle Trunk Road surface Tints and shades

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I held onto the fifth star only because of minor limitations that are pretty common in any combo blade. On very rare occasions, I get a little burning with this blade, but only in red oak so far. Ripping is also a little more work than I would like for the blade, but it's not a 24 tooth dedicated blade. Again, these really aren't complaints, but just observations that are to be expected with a blade of this type.