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Custom foam insert for a trophy

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I made a box for a trophy which shall travel (looks like golf's Claret Jug!), and I would like to protect the trophy with some sort of custom foam packing.

The only idea that I've had is to wrap the trophy in plastic wrap (temporarily), then get some expanding foam, place the trophy in the box, propping it up so it lays flat, and spray the foam around it. Then cut the foam from the trophy.

But I have no idea how well this will work, or if there's a better product out there.

Anyone ever do anything like this? FWIW, the trophy is 14" long, the box is about 7×7 x 18"
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The expanding foam will work but be warned it keeps expanding
for awhile and can be messy. It sticks tenaciously to everything.

You might consider "Kaizen" foam by Fastcap.

I've built foam inserts from left over black foam from computer
boxes… it's pretty firm so it doesn't wiggle and squidge around
when cut and can be cut with knives and saws. It can be glued.
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