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Cross cut sled with overhead collection, is it worth it if I only have a shop vac?

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I have a 16 gallon shop vac, but not enough funds to buy an actual dust collector at the moment. I know that most of the loose dust in my garage is from using my table saw. So with that in mind, building an overhead system into my crosscut sled seems like it should be a good idea.

At present, my shop vac has this HEPA filter and a Dust Right Separator in line.

What I'm not certain of is whether it would help enough with the fine dust to be worth the trouble. I've read the literature from Bill Pentz so I know that this is far from an adequate dust collection solution. No delusions there. Still, some dust collection has gotta be better than nothing, right? The hose and attachment is only 2.5 inches wide, but the suction feels pretty aggressive just putting my hand up to it. Of course there's no CFM rating on the the Sears website so I'm not really sure just how much suction I'll actually get. Sure is loud as hell, though.

So what you folks think? Would it be worth the effort to rig up an overhead shop vac based system? Who else has done the same and what kind of results did you have? Apart from the clear plastic cover and dust port, are there any other modifications you would suggest?
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You may be onto something here.

At the blade exit end of your plexiglass safety shield you may be able to corral some of the dust and preserve a little more of the suction by applying just the bristle end of an auto ice scraper/snow brush to the sides of the shield. The bristles shouldn't interfere with your boards in the sled.

...on the cheap.

As you say, "If it's stupid but it works, then it's not stupid." ;-)

...just a thought.

UPS uses fringe type splatter shields to reduce wet road spray to passing cars.

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That's a pretty cool idea, Len. I think that could be worth trying.
i'd humbly suggest you check out the woodwhisperer's review of the dust right and two competitors. might affect your decision. also, on your sled, what's the max width that can be crosscut on that sled with all the DC stuff attached to the bed of the sled?
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