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craigslist find in phoenix

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this unit showed up in todays offerings, a nice deal for our area, i have one similar thats over 40 years old, still going strong
rj in az
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Nice deal for ANY area, someone had better move quick.
Phoenix Craigslist is loaded with used Unisaw right now, There are 8 different Unisaw for sale in Phoenix, and 2 more only a few hours away. There were 10 listed last week:
Font Motor vehicle Automotive tire Screenshot Machine

Asking prices range from $600 bargain to a newer left tilt model for $2000.

One seller dumped a bunch of restored Unisaw on CL all at once a few weeks ago, all priced around $750-$950. Many of the existing sellers asking $1500-$2500 dropped prices significantly a week later.

Good late spring/summer prices are part of normal cycle for Arizona.
As weather warms in Arizona late spring, just as snow birds leave area; they push all kinds of tools into CL. There are a significantly high number of jointers on AZ CL ATM, even a couple 8" models. Summer time used tool prices are always lower, due reduced demand. Plus folks selling in summer are often moving out of area, and want tools gone quick. :)



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It's been 4 days and $600 Unisaw is still available? Whoa!
All 10 Unisaw in area are still listed for sale??

Also found this General 350 cabinet saw several hours from Phoenix for $300.
Price is a steal for 3HP cabinet saw, still a good deal if only 1.5HP. Listing is 2 weeks old.

Saw my first used Harvey Alpha Table saw listed today. It's a few hours drive in opposite direction from General TS. Not a bargain, just rare to see a new brand TS brand sell used.

Yesterday was open house on custom wood working business closing down

There is even a Shaper Origin for sale?

Hmm…. Phoenix Craigslist is jammed full of wood working tools.

The rate of listings is more than the normal May Snow Bird departure.
Hobbies are the first thing to sell off when money gets tight due inflation.

Does anyone else hear theme song to Twilight Zone playing in background? :-(
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yeah, crazy field of products up for sale, two auctions today on shops, one in prescott, and one in glendale, i checked them out thursday and while i'd love to have a couple pcs, got no place to put and probably wouldn't have much use other than occassionally,
bummer, fella needs a monster shop, just ''cause''
rj in az
Did General even offer a 1.5hp motor for the 350?

No way the Harvey is worth 10x the 350.
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