Delta - 37-220 (Rating: 4)

Picked this up off craiglist, my best guess is its a 37-220, serial# 70-1635, but its hard to tell for sure. Had to order new bearings for it, as one was frozen.
A well made tools for its age, and even after sitting in poor condition was easily dissembled and reassembled. All parts were were made with quality materials, as you can see the brass block that lubricated the screw drives.
This is a good tool for a small project worker. It dosn't take much space and with the 6" wide blades, you can easily clean up glued blocks of short blanks. Its difficult to run full sized boards on a small bed like this, but it can be done with a steady hand.
This one has a 1/2 hp motor on it, and a three cutter head. Knives are easily removed with open end wrench by loosing the 4 nuts on each blade. A dial indicator is handy to help get the knives reset.
Fence has the accu- adjustment, and once cleaned up is easy to move to 3 preset positions with stop blocks, or 45 degree either direction.

Overall , Ill give 4 stars, as my only other comparison was an older Delta Crescent 36" bed jointer, and it was a little heaver and stable, but both are light-years up on the models that are available today, if you dont mind spending some time on them..