Stickley - Museum at Craftsman Farms (Rating: 5)

I work mostly in the Craftsman /Arts & Crafts/Stickley style. The furniture in the house was mostly original and, oftentimes, was in the house when Stickley lived there. I was hoping to see a great banister design that I would be able to use in my home, but my last name doesn't start with an "S".

The really amazing thing is that after Stickley sold the house only one family lived in the house before it was converted into a museum and they made almost no changes to the house which might have ruined its character. Yes, there is restorative work that needs to be done, but if he were to return, he would be pleased with the house as it is today.

There were a few furniture designs that, I think, are unique to the museum and some Harvey Ellis pieces. Surprisingly, interior photos are permitted for private use. This is great for me because I can make my interpretations based on the pix.

The docent, Lynn, was knowledgeable and truly enjoyed the subject matter. I wish that I lived closer so I could participate in the various programs offered throughout the year. Here is a link for anyone that may be interested. If you are ever in the area, this is definitely worth the price of admission.