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Craftsman table saw .....SOLD

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well , are you going to buy it or not ?
if it's better than what you got ,
and you feel you want it ,
talk to the wife ,
im a tool junkie ,
isay buy ,
wether you need it or not !
i have 3 tablesaws .
David….Its mine and Im selling…....wanna buy it?
a good deal for someone
Ken, Is this the saw you recently picked up? Looks like a good deal.

John…...It is the a saw I bought new about 3 years ago. I need the room as I now have 3 table saws. I am restoring a Unisaw and it will become my daily user.
this is a nice deal, you wont have any trouble selling it. good luck
I would advise (if I may) to put a better /larger photo on maybe a closer one as I couldn't make too much detail out, but I wish you well they are great saws.Alistair
Too bad you aren't closer to Riverside. Unless you consider Riverside local delivery, about an hour from Los Angeles. I'd pay for gas. Just a thought if you don't have any other takers.
floats…..Riverside is not totallyout of the question. Could meet half way?

Alistair…......these are for you…

Router table is NOT included
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Whoops, I thought it was the 22124, not what looks to be the 22114 you had for sale. It's obvious, even in the small pictures that it doesn't have a full cabinet, but for some reason it didn't click in my head. I've been looking for a replacement for my Ridgid R4511 and the 22214 would be a lateral move, although still a great saw. The 22124 would have been enough motivation for me to lug the R4511 back to Home Depot for a refund. I've had a few issues with the granite top on my saw and Home Depot and Ridgid have been very slow in coming up with a resolution, hence he looking for a replacement. I apologize for the confusion.
Its still available…............I need to get it outta here soon. My unisaw will be finished and I need the room
Possibly SOLD…........Will know tomorrow
Man what a deal Ken…some one is going to get a sweet deal here. By the way…if you have the time…post some pics of the progress on the unisaw….I (and I'm sure others) would like to see the stages from trash to treasure.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts