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Craftsman hand plane

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Hand plane made by Craftsman
It looks like it could be made to work again


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Nice! How long is that bad boy? Looks dangerously close to 24", and I've never seen a later model Craftsman No. 8. If it's 22" then it is a No. 7, also not common.
I don't think there was, but…
I'm sure it can. "Craftsman" planes are usually made by Sargent or another well known company, just rebranded for Sears
Looking more like a #6c…..
The sole or bottom is 22" long.
Thanks for any information.
#7 size looks like that may be a Sargent made one.
It looks pretty solid form the photos, and the tote and knob looks solid to.
Looks good. Should be a good user after a quick clean up.
7C, very nice. Agreed that with some cleanup it should prove to be a decent jointer! Good find!
Unless you just want to do a full restore I'd recommend just flattening it and cleaning, polishing and oiling everything else along with a nice sharpening of the blade. Really that plane looks to be in decent shape. I've had several that were rusted so much there was little left of the original paint.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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