Craftsman - BAS 350 "Special Edition" 14" Bandsaw (Rating: 5)

This is the Rikon 1 HP 2 speed 10-321 clone with upgrades that include:

All black knobs instead of red

Magnetic safety switch

Semi enclosed base with integrated dual port dust collection

Integrated Delta style mobile base

Aluminum rip fence with resaw guide

Aluminum T bar miter gauge

Battery powered LED work light

Runs very smoothly/quietly, has plenty of power for me, comes with ball bearing guides that work well however are a little bit of a pain to adjust and the rack and pinion height adjustment is excellent (has 8" resaw capacity).

Dust collection is very good however I think I can improve it by sealing between the bottom of the table and the base where the port is with some foam tubing.

Rip fence locks securely and sliding action was improved by adding a little UHMW slick strip under the far end. The 4 wing nuts underneath the rail allow it to be quickly removed for blade changing.

Larger than typical table has dual miter slots and more table in front of the blade which works great for me since I do a lot of scroll cutting. Miter gauge has a short sliding aluminum fence that should provide plenty of support for what I'll use it for however there are no positive stops (even at zero) and it's pretty sloppy in the slot (good enough for a bandsaw IMO but not good enough for other machines that require more accuracy).

LED work light shines nicely on the cut line and can be adjusted to different angles or easily removed for changing blades.

Mobile base raises/rolls easily and is solid when parked.

All in all an excellent machine IMO and a much better value than the actual Rikon with my only complaints being the trunnion which allows the table to flex and the table is a pain to tilt.